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Albert Pasillas

Albert Pasillas

San Dimas Realtor®

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Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, I am proud to call San Dimas my home. With over 20 years of dedication to the real estate industry, I've navigated through four distinct market cycles, ensuring I have the expertise to guide my clients through any terrain. My specialization isn't just in Single Family Residences; I have an adept hand in Commercial properties, managing portfolios up to 30 units and beyond.


But it's not just experience that shapes my service. My background in Real Estate Finance and Federal & State Tax Advisory empowers my clients with knowledge that goes beyond the average realtor. And with accreditations from respected institutions like the National Commercial Real Estate Advisor, Probate and Trust Specialist, and the California Tax Education Counsel, I promise professionalism at every step.


Let me be your trusted real estate advisor. With a deep-rooted understanding of the local market, comprehensive financial insight, and two decades of experience, I stand out in the field. My commitment transcends mere transactions; it’s about guiding, educating, and ensuring your real estate decisions are both sound and lucrative. Choose expertise, choose experience, choose dedication. I am here to serve.

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Albert enjoys educating people and guiding them through the “what if’s” of a Real Estate transaction, sitting with the empty nester to hear their stories and going over options for a more comfortable retirement.

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